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 In that Lake Neepaulin is part of the Walkill River Watershed, FOLN is deeply involved and concerned with the overall condition of water quality in our watershed and will continue to protect and maintain clean lake and stream water. Lake preservation involves maintaining and improving the quality of water in the lake through monitoring, testing, chemical treatments and watershed management.

At certain times of the year, and especially during the extremely hot weather, the lake will produce an over abundance of vegatative growth which appears in the form of weeds or algae. If left unattended, the growth will eventually spread over the lake, making the lake, not unhealthy, but unweildy and unpleasantfor swimming. For this reason, several times a season, a lake management company is hired to treat Lake Neepaulin with chemicals, much like a swimming pool is treated. The chemicals in the lake serve to kill off the growing vegetation and, at times after the lake has been treated, one will spot dying flora floating on the surface until it finally decomposes. When many people see the decomposing flora, they assume the lake is polluted, but it is not. The lake is simply going through a natural process and will return to normal in a short period of time.

When the lake is open for swimming, the state demands recurrent testing of the water by qualified examiners to see if the lake is safe for swimming. Contamination of up to 200 organisms per mil. does not pose a threat to human health. However, if the count goes above 200 org. per mil., the state will close the swimming area down until the count returns to a safe level. Lake Neepaulin is tested approx. every two weeks and so far this year the levels of contamination have never exceed 20 org. per mil., with most readings reported at less then 10 org. per mil., far below the range of contamination.

Due to our spectacular counts, the lab examining our water has gone so far as to congratulate FOLN on it's committment to water quality and told us most lakes don't come anywhere near the low levels our lake continually displays.

Therefore, Lake Neepaulin can be considered one of the cleanest lakes in New Jersey.

What is the fishing like in the lake?

Large mouth bass, perch, blue gills, sun fish, crappies, and catfish are among some of the prevalent fish awaiting you in the lake. Most people catch them and let them go, some take them home for a tasty treat, and the lucky ones get to brag about the "BIG ONE" they caught down at the lake.

Some of the biggest fish caught to date are a 26 inch catfish caught bt a 7 year old member. An avid fisherman caught a 10 pound 4 ounce large mouth bass back in 2000.

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